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Asset Based Carrier

Implementing Advanced (GREEN) Technology to help shipping partners attain

ESG Goals.

EV Semi-Fleet Corp. moves freight with all-electric semi-trucks in an eco-friendly manner. Reach out for a specialized EV Route Map.


Distribution Partners

Does your distribution center have NET-ZERO Goals?

EV Semi-Fleet Corp. plans to allocate a bulk amount of technologically advanced, all-electric semi-trucks (with drivers), to distribution centers around in the Southeast, with a focus on improving efficiencies.

The most ideal distribution partners value green energy freight solutions and are ready to implement onsite charging.

EV Semi-Fleet plans to aid in the installation of CCS and MCS charging stations at ALL of our strategic distribution partner locations.


Together, we can lower shipping costs and increase efficiencies with innovative technology and logistical solutions.

Please reach out for more information. 

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EV Semi Fleet-03 (1)_edited_edited.png
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Over 200 Investors in EV Semi-Fleet Corp

About EVSF

EV SEMI-FLEET aims to electrify the trucking industry in the United States of America with a fleet of all-electric semi-trucks. We believe the advancement of the Class 8 semi-trucks will add a level of technology that will enable a safer, more reliable, and efficient way of delivering goods to the end-user.


EV SEMI-FLEET is managed by an experienced team of forward-thinking industry professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs. Our team is comprised of professionals with advanced education in battery technology, green energy, business management, freight logistics management and niche market start-up success, with years of experience in related fields. 


Our Founder and CEO, Jacob Guerra, has extensive experience in developing new ventures in niche markets, with four successful exits from prior ventures. 


Tom O., Lead Investor & Technology Advisor, is an electrical engineer with an MBA who spent 20 years building massive power plants all over the globe, specializing in product and process improvement. He fully understands the incredible power of electricity.


Our goal is to maximize profits by operating an eco-friendly Freight/Trucking Company, with a large fleet of All-Electric Semi-Trucks 24/7/365 through an EV logistical framework.


We believe in the economic and environmental benefits of moving away from the reliance on diesel combustion engines, and we support the movement towards a zero-emission transportation industry.

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