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EVSF Highlights

🚚 ⚡ Nikola TRE BEV (EV Semi-Truck)- Ordered & Scheduled delivery by End of July 2022

⚡Featured by - "The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy Right Now"

First mover in All-Electric, Class-8 (18 Wheeler), Disruptive Innovation & Implementation

💸 Over $1,700,000 invested from 300+ forward thinking investors

🚚 50 Tesla Semi-Trucks reserved at $20,000 each (reservation fee)

"Green Energy" NOT Dependent on Oil & Fluctuating Fuel Prices. "No Diesel, Pure Electric Fleet!

"High Demand" Join the EV Revolution by Investing into This Green Business!

💸"Cost Savings" Operations and Maintenance Cost of Electric Trucks is Significantly Less Than Diesel

Asset Based Carrier

Implementing Advanced (GREEN) Technology into the Multibillion-Dollar Trucking Industry

EV Semi-Fleet Corp. is raising capital from forward thinking investors. We plan to move freight with all-electric semi-trucks in an eco-friendly manner & maximize profits with the use of electricity.

Diesel fuel and diesel repair costs are at an all-time high! This eco-friendly business model is the future of trucking in the Unites States of America!


With 50 Tesla Semi-Trucks already ordered, we plan to reserve thousands more. That's right, a massive fleet of All-Electric Semi-Trucks that:

  • ​Avoid diesel engine maintenance and repair costs

  • Boast a Long Distance Model that travels up to 500 miles on one single charge

  • Achieve increased driver safety with enhanced Tesla autopilot

  • Go 0-60 mph in 20 seconds, fully loaded

  • Utilizes four independent Tesla motors

  • Save $200,000+ in fuel costs over the life of the semi with electric energy costs that are a fraction of diesel

These are expected to be the “safest trucks ever”, according to Tesla.


With an enhanced autopilot system that provides maximum visibility/control and a low center of gravity that offers rollover protection - it certainly seems to be the case.


But these vehicles aren't just safe and fast…


The switch from diesel to all-electric is expected to cut operational costs drastically, increasing efficiencies and profit margins. With fewer systems to maintain, Tesla semis provide $200,000+ in fuel savings over the life of the semi-truck and an estimated two-year payback period.


We believe this innovative technology will revolutionize the trucking industry.

Join the EV Revolution today!

Jake Guerra CEO - EV Semi-Fleet Corp (1).jpg
  • Who is the lead investor and why did he invest $1M into the future of an All-Electric, Class-8, trucking industry?
    From Tom O’Hanlon, Lead Investor & Technology Advisor “This opportunity to support EV Semi-Fleet Corp, a Start-up utilizing Tesla technology was a no-brainer. As a 4-year Tesla driver, and owner of two Tesla cars, it’s almost like I have hidden “insider” information in plain sight. I jumped at the chance to invest on the ground floor of a product that will transform the world of trucking and goods distribution. “Space-X launches!” Keith Britton, a NASA engineer once told us. As an owner of a Model 3 and Model Y, I know that Tesla delivers. I am an electrical engineer with an MBA. I spent 20 years building massive power plants all over the globe, focusing on product and process improvement. I fully understand the incredible power of electricity. Before Tesla built the first car, I kept reading news about Elon’s plans to develop all-electric vehicles. I knew his plans were different from other concepts I had read about. I kept up with his latest developments. My wife remembers me telling her, “Wow! If this Musk guy can pull this off, Tesla technology will change the world!” In 2014 I test drove a Model S. To say I was impressed, is a tremendous understatement. When the first Model 3 was offered, I stood in line for three hours to put down a deposit. The line went down the street of other engineers who realized how revolutionary this car was! Shortly after I received my car, I bought lots of stock because I knew firsthand that Elon Musk delivered more than he promised. My car was revolutionary, handled like a dream and was exceptionally well designed. Professionals in the industry agreed with my assessment. My only regret is that I didn’t buy Tesla stock earlier in the process, when it was $20/share, before it split 5 for 1. Tesla’s technology isn’t too good to be true. I believe he has delivered on seemingly-impossible design and technology in every industry he has touched. Now he’s developing semi trucks. In true Musk style, I believe these all-electric tractors will revolutionize the entire trucking and global logistics industry! Looking back, my early instincts were right on and I should have pounced on the stock. I’m not hesitating this time. With the team that we have in place, we have the knowledge and experience to scale this very profitable concept successfully in the early days of this revolutionary development in trucking/distribution/logistics.”
  • Who are your distribution partners?
    As of now, EV Semi-Fleet Corp is prospecting the most ideal distribution centers that have a focus on implementing a green transportation initiative.
  • Most ideal implementation of the fleet?
    Running directly with shippers will cut out the broker and increase revenue per mile. EVSF believes major problems can be solved by allocating 200+ All-Electric semi-trucks to a single distribution partner’s operation.
  • How many investors invested in the Series A, REG D, 506(b) fundraising round?
    6 Investors, invested a total of $1,125,000, who believe in the early adoption and advancement of the Class-8 trucking industry.
  • Future expansion plan?
    EVSF plans to continue to reserve additional All-Electric Semi-Trucks. Our goal is to have a fleet greater than 10,000 vehicles.
  • Do you plan on an IPO?
    Possibly soon, no guarantee. EVSF has the investors' best interest in mind in all decisions.
  • How far can a Tesla Semi-Truck drive on 1 charge & how fast can the battery be recharged?
    Tesla initially announced that the truck would have a 500 miles (805 km) range on a full charge and with its new batteries it would be able to run for 400 miles (640 km) after an 80% charge in 30 minutes.
  • Is EV Semi-Fleet a trucking company or leasing company?
    EV Semi-Fleet is considered an asset based trucking company. EVSF moves freight for distribution centers, shipping ports and freight partners.
  • Can I sell my ownership in EVSF?
    The investor has the option to sell to an interested buyer and agree on the price. WeFunder then needs to approve the sale. The buyer sends funds to the seller directly (we don't handle this). WeFunder will update its records to reflect the new ownership. The buyer will need to provide the legal name, address, and TIN of the buyer so WeFunder can issue K-1s.
  • Avg. # of miles each truck will travel?
    On average, our trucks will drive approximately 400-500 miles per day, depending on the region and charging network currently available. Given, there is an average of 261 days a year, EVSF plans for each truck in our fleet to drive on average 104,400 to 130,500 miles a year.
  • How will EVSF keep trucks busy?
    EVSF plans to run direct with large distribution centers across the nation with partners within regions that have adequate charging networks. Offering assets to our customers will create long-term partnerships and success.
  • Are CDL drivers needed?
    Yes, CDL drivers are currently needed to operate Class-8 semi-trucks.
  • Where will EVSF charge the trucks?
    At Tesla Megacharging stations at headquarters, distribution centers, and along major USA highways.
  • How much has EV Semi-Fleet Corp. raised prior to REG CF on WeFunder?
    $1,125,000 Prior to WeFunder Over $500,000 on WeFunder
  • Where will you store your trucks when not in use?
    Most of our trucks will be out on the road 24/7. We plan to have drivers from all over the United States. Drivers will be able to take pick up/drop off near home or stay with the truck overnight at dedicated trucking.
  • Why does EV Semi-Fleet not have a DOT #?
    EV Semi-Fleet is awaiting delivery of our first All-Electric Class-8 Semi-Trucks from Tesla. EVSF plans to attain an MC/DOT number upon delivery of the first All-Electric, Class-8 Semi-Truck.
Over 200 Investors in EV Semi-Fleet Corp

About EVSF

EV SEMI-FLEET aims to electrify the multibillion-dollar trucking industry in the United States of America with a fleet of all-electric semi-trucks. We believe the advancement of the Class 8 semi-trucks will add a level of technology that will enable a safer, more reliable, and efficient way of delivering goods to the end-user.


EV SEMI-FLEET is managed by an experienced team of forward-thinking industry professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs. Our team is comprised of professionals with advanced education in battery technology, green energy, business management, freight logistics management and niche market start-up success, with years of experience in related fields. 


Our Founder and CEO, Jacob Guerra, has extensive experience in developing new ventures in niche markets, with four successful exits from prior ventures. 


Our Co-founder and COO, Mr. Thomas Licata, has industry experience in freight logistics, freight brokering for Total Quality Logistics (TQL) and works with some of the largest freight distribution centers.  


Tom O'Hanlon, Lead Investor & Technology Advisor, is an electrical engineer with an MBA who spent 20 years building massive power plants all over the globe, specializing in product and process improvement. He fully understands the incredible power of electricity.


Our goal is to maximize profits by operating an eco-friendly Freight/Trucking Company, with a large fleet of All-Electric Semi-Trucks 24/7/365 through an EV logistical framework.


We believe in the economic and environmental benefits of moving away from the reliance on diesel combustion engines, and we support the movement towards a zero-emission transportation industry.

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