Dedicated Lanes & Truck Broker Explained

Updated: May 16

When it comes to transporting goods via all-electric semi-trucks, there are several options. Below are some common questions to why EV SEMI FLEET CORP is going to eliminate a 3rd party brokerage firm and broker loads in house.

What is a dedicated lane?

What is a truck broker?

What is an owner leasing program? Why implement it?

What is a Carrier agreement program? Why implement it?

Dedicated Lanes Dedicated lanes are contracted routes fulfilled by a single fleet/company. These contracts are most available to fleet companies that have over 10 trucks to service large distribution centers. Typically, the distribution centers have routine shipments that take place on a daily basis and can last several months, if not indefinitely. Dedicated lanes require precise timing and planning from reputable and reliable fleet operators.

What is a Truck Broker? A Truck Broker is a 3rd party individual or company who has an agreement with a distribution center and matches up available loads with owner operators who own their own truck(s) and authority. Utilizing a 3rd party broker removes administrative tasks for the owner operators and allows the driver to focus on driving. Average broker costs range from 15-30% of revenue.

EV Semi Fleet Corp has an experienced broker, Co-founder Thomas Licata, will broker loads to those who have all-electric semi-trucks and have signed on to the (OLP) Owner Leasing Program or the (CAP) Carrier Agreement Program (Explained Below). Doing so will increase the quantity of dedicated lanes and loads, allowing EV Semi Fleet to maximize revenues.

(OLP) Owner Leasing Program

Lease on to EV Semi Fleet- Capability to lease on individuals, who own an all-electric semi-truck, that do not intend to register their truck(s) with the DOT and hold an active MC (Motor Carrier Number- Registered through DOT), and corporate insurance. Individuals decide to do so because the upfront costs to operate on an annual basis can exceed well over $15k. This business model will give EV Semi Fleet Corp the ability to access larger contracts, keep trucks loaded to and from (reloads) dedicated distribution centers, and increase revenues without having to purchase additional trucks to build out the fleet. This model will decrease the frequency of rolling with a dead load (driving to and from distribution centers without a load).

(CAP) Carrier Agreement Program

Existing Owner/Operators with Valid MC & Insurance- Revenue sharing model, allowing for EV Semi Fleet to make a percentage (average 20%) of direct hauls with the use of outside carrier owner/operator loads booked through EV Semi Fleet Corp under dedicated contracts. This opportunity ads an additional revenue stream on loads transported by owner operators that have their own MC, without taking on additional operating costs.

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