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EV Semi-Fleet Corp. is on track to electrify the multibillion-dollar trucking industry with a fleet of All-Electric Semi-Trucks. We believe in the economic and environmental benefits of moving away from a reliance on diesel combustion engines, and we support the movement towards a zero-emission transportation industry.

Headquarters - Orlando, FL.


01 / FAST

Self-driving technology by Tesla, Inc. will give our fleet competitive advantages not yet seen in the trucking industry. Acceleration 0-60 with 80K LBS in 20 seconds. Stop and go traffic in heavily congested areas will no longer be an issue! 

Crush competition with the ability to pull a full load up a 5% grade at 65 mph, 15-20 mph faster than diesel trucks.

02 / SAFE

A wide range of safety related benefits include increased safety (reduced number of crashes and fatalities) for the driver and the drivers around our fleet, reduction of driver error, decrease in mental fatigue of our drivers, lane departure assurance (keeping trucks within designated lanes), and drafting capabilities that increase overall safety and efficiency.

Drafting semi-trucks is the concept of driving several semi trucks in a row, reducing the drag coefficient and increasing the distance a semi can travel on a single charge. This technique, monitored by Tesla technology can increase the distance a Tesla Semi Truck can travel by 100+ miles.



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead

EV SEMI FLEET CORP. is managed by an experienced team of forward thinking professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs. Our team consists of industry professionals & experienced CDL drivers with years of experience in related fields. Our goal is to maximize profits by operating an eco-friendly fleet of Tesla semi-trucks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, through an EV logistical framework.


CEO & Founder

Jacob Guerra, CEO & Founder, graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2012 with a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship & Business Management. He has an extensive history in forecasting developing industries within niche markets, creating strategic partnerships, business development, fundraising, employee management, inventory management & logistics. He has the ability to develop his visions into profit generating operations and make strategic decisions that benefit the business and shareholders alike.


Jacob is

Thomas Licata Co-Founder EV SEMI FLEET C

COO & Co-Founder

Thomas Licata, COO & Co-Founder, graduated from UCF in 2010. Thomas has a wealth of experience and knowledge that is critical to the success of EV Semi-Fleet. He is excited to make a major impact in transforming the trucking industry and improving efficiencies with an all-electric fleet. He is ready to start loading the EV SEMI FLEET and sending the trucks across the nation.

Anessa Santos.jpeg

Anessa Santos- Legal Council (

Our legal partnership with Anessa Santos, Intelli Law, is highly valued. She is one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in the industry with a wealth of experience and knowledge in securities, SEC regulation, blockchain, Reg D, Reg A and Reg CF fundraising. She believes in ethical business practices and appropriate corporate formation from day 1.

Anessa Santos has played a key role in developing the corporate structure for EV Semi-Fleet Corp, including but not limited to, Articles of Incorporation, ByLaws, Subscription Agreement & Wyoming Corporate Registration.



amazon relay ev semi fleet corp.jpg

Amazon Freight’s transportation management system – Amazon Relay – helps fleet owners grow their business fast

Amazon Relay provides carriers access to our freight network, giving fleet owners and owner operators the opportunity to grow their truck driving businesses.

uber freight ev semi fleet corp.jpg

UBER Freight is the industry leader in the future 100% autonomous fleet operations. EV SEMI FLEET CORP. values forward thinking companies like UBER and is strategically positioning our our company to operate without drivers.

This concept sounds impossible... we know. Fortunately, the concept of driverless semi trucks is much closer than we can imagine and EV SEMI FLEET CORP. will be a leader in this futuristic model with hundreds of capable trucks.


Total Quality Logistics is the second-largest freight brokerage firm in the USA. TQL provides domestic and international freight transportation and logistics services. 

EV SEMI FLEET CORP. values large partners in the transportation industry. TQL partnership provides unlimited freight options nationwide that are profitable and keeps our fleet moving 24/7, 365!

Investor Opportunity

"Accredited" Investor Opportunity

While seeking quality investors, it is imperative for EV SEMI FLEET CORP. to acquire those investors who value eco-friendly operations and pride themselves on supporting positive change through advancement in the EV industry & beyond. Our goal is to acquire capital in 3 offerings. If interested, it is highly advised that you perform your own research and make an educated decision. We invite you to ask the questions that are most concerning to you and hope you join our all electric transportation company.


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